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Our solutions put the sun's gift in rural communities’ hands and enable farmers to produce higher quality food, more effectively and throughout the year.

We deliver holistic energy services that enable income generation to stay in rural communities. We do this by focusing on high value solutions tailored to the needs of our end users.

This creates virtuous circles of confidence in:


Plus, our energy services bring other viable social and economic opportunities to rural communities.
All this generates immediate and lasting benefits and enables rural economies to be part of the global climate solution, as well as combatting local pollution.
VISION: Rural communities who provide for their own needs, generating liveable incomes, food security, decent education and better health outcomes, ensuring their children have a brighter future, rain or shine.
MISSION: Provide accessible energy solutions, in partnership with on the ground organisations, so the abundant potential of the sun is put into the hands of farmers and villagers. This powers economies to deliver socially and environmentally sustainable prosperity for rural communities and our planet.
Our FOCUS is to deliver the mission by focusing our expertise on Rwandan and Malawian rural producers, and the ecosystem they operate in. This helps solve the challenge of energy poverty. 60% of all Rwandans, for example, have no access to electrification and the proportion is even higher in rural communities. Furthermore, for many of those who do have some access to electricity, the supply is often unreliable and very intermittent.
Rwandan and Malawian families and their children therefore will have a brighter future, rain or shine.
Solapak is committed to delivering high quality investments, which provide excellent ROI for rural communities and our future climate.
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