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The team behind Solapak have been developing and supplying solar photovoltaic (PV) equipment for over 25 years.

Our company, Solapak Development Limited (SDL), is an associate company of Solapak Systems Limited (SSL). SSL specialise in the supply of dependable stand-alone solar electric generators (SEGs) for industrial applications such as telecoms, oil & gas and critical safety systems.

Solapak Systems Limited can trace its heritage back to the 1970’s, when solar PV was in its infancy, and has built its respected name supplying very reliable, long life and rugged stand-alone electricity solutions for the most challenging environments on Earth.

In 2016 SSL committed to directing its specialist skills, supply network and global reputation toward international development. Solapak Development Limited is the manifestation of this commitment and has full and exclusive access to all of SSL’s resources and well-established network of specialist suppliers.
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