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We make energy accessible for all by utilising the abundance of the sun.
Solapak is completely focused on providing the most effective energy services for rural economies. This is decentralised, renewable and tailored specifically to each community's needs.

We've spent considerable time learning how rural communities operate, and ensure our services fit with their reality. This is done by asking communities how they would use reliable low-cost power, and then listening to the farmers and villagers' needs. We then create solutions which mean they can stop worrying about the cost and reliability of their energy services and focus on feeding their families and creating living incomes.

Each community wants the optimum energy solution for their needs, and we select technology which works for them now, and in the long term.

We are clear that if our energy services are put in place for a specific purpose, for example to ensure dairy farmers are able to get their produce to market year round, then local people will work out clever ways of utilising them for many other purposes.

Business Model
Our business model is to obtain capital from our customers, such as NGOs, and work with them to implement energy solutions which provide lasting economic, social and environmental benefits for our end users and the planet.
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