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Livestock are at the core of African rural life and dairy farming is key to the economies of our partner countries, Rwanda and Malawi. The dairy sector, for example, constitutes 6% of GDP in Rwanda.

We support farmers and villagers to gain maximum value from their animals, and ensure they can harvest all the other benefits of our energy solutions.

Our key stakeholders are clear to us:
Customers: Established NGOs and commercial on the ground organisations who know the problems they want to solve. These organisations seek to protect already invested assets, in addition to supporting the communities they work in to be powered by the sun.

End users: Commercial enterprises and the communities they serve in rural Africa. These are typically farmers and villagers in energy poor economies and off-grid communities. We have been particularly focused on Milk Collection Centres (MCCs) and farming cooperatives.

Partners: other key stakeholders are our partner countries of Rwanda and Malawi, and the relevant government ministries, such as MINAGRI and MOAFS, and other funding partners.
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